Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, February 6

Tom here.  Last night we went to a piano concert at the hotel that's just around the corner from our condo - in the same complex.  "The Lions Hotel" (more or less) is a very elegant setting.  The concert was well attended, and held in a cloister-like setting - outdoors, but with a covered balcony all around.  It started just before sunset, and there were candles placed all around, along with soft electric light.  The pianist was Gilles Vonsattel, a faculty member at UMass Amherst.  We noticed that another pianist on this same series is Alessio Bax, our SMU faculty member.  Sra. Maria del Carmen Batres (our host) was there also, and introduced us to the woman who runs the concert series.  I told her we knew Alessio, as well as his teacher, Joaquin Achucarro.  She was excited to hear that, and told us that many (maybe all) of the performers she's geting in are through the Joaquin Achucarro Foundation, and she works with Janet Kafka on this.  Small world!

Our internet service is becoming limited, as we had a couple of unexpected downloads (automatic, of course) that used up about 700MB of our allotted 1GB.  Yow!  Anyway, we're being careful with the "stick" we bought with 1GB, and combining internet tethering with our iPhones for use.  We can't purchase more gigs of service until  the end of the fifteen day free service that came with the stick (limit 1GB).  It's a catch 22 we hadn't expected, but really just part of doing business in a new environment.  All for now - this is a really fabulous setting, sweet people, and gentle place.  T.


  1. The pictures on facebook look beautiful! It looks and sounds like you two are having an amazing time so far. Way to go team Tunks! You two are awesome!!! Looking forward to following you on this journey. Love, Jess

    ps- Good luck figuring out the internet stuff.

  2. Very Cool. I agree with Jessica, the facebook pictures are great. I have a friend who is currently in Guatamala working at an orphanage. Enjoy.