Monday, June 13, 2011

June 12, 2011

Greetings from Jeanne,

We are sitting next to a lovely, palm tree-lined, dark blue tiled pool, having a gin and tonic, checking emails, enjoying our new setting in Copan, Honduras.

Our time in Puerto Vallarta turned out great, albeit different from years past somewhat. On Sunday we got caught up on what our current time share situation was and are set for a while. on Monday we hung out and attended a cocktail party at the place, Tuesday lingered on our balcony, after a long, hot walk into town. Wednesday was an exceptional day. We rented a car and drove to a beach town oath of Puerto Vallarta, Los Alayas. We played in the light waves, rode the inflated banana over the tougher waves, behind a speeding boat, and just hung out with all the Mexicsn families enjoying the beach, waves, and fares. We drove tonthe hotel for a quick rinse off, then out tom the cliffs, north of town for a champagne, seafood dinner, overlooking the bay, while the sun twisted it's way through the clouds, shooting orange, pink, gold streaks onto the water and sky. The waiters really got into this being our 33rd anniversary and brought us flan decorated with Happy Aniversary along the edge, and more drinks. We slept well that night. On Thursday, we hung out, swam, as we did most mornings, and found our way to Jota Be, a Dance hall, which hosts salsa lessons from 9-10pm every evening. We joined the class, learned a few new steps, then stayed for an hournor more of salsa dancing, as the only couple on the floor. It was so cool. On Friday, we went into downtown to shop for the kids, then returned to readymourselves for the next of the trip, getting oarding passes, laundry, and just reorganizing luggage to accommodate the new goods. In the evening we went to the marina where we boarded a boat, which took us across the bay, north of PV, where we were served a lovely dinner on the beach, then walked into an outdoor heater when it was dark, to see a dance performance of authentic Mexicsn dance. The show was an extradonary display of feathered costumes, exceptional dance, and fire twirling. It as dazzling. We rode in the front of the boat on the way home and enjoyed the wind in our hair, waves, stars, and moon. Such a night.

We trekked our way back to Mexico City on Saturday and enjoyed our lovely cena at the Hilton, then headed out down reforma toward the zocalo. There were throngsof people out walking with their families, novias, novios, etc, enjoying the cool night, ice creams, time together. We joined right inon all counts. The zocalo was camped in by numerous people making political statements regarding the government, violence in Mexico, the drug cartels, etc. They were peaceful, but determined. It wad glorious to witness such resolve. On Sunday morning in MC we went out to take photographs of the extraordinary bronze sculptures we had noticed the previous week in front of the Palacio. It turns out they were all completed by an artist from Mexico. For those of you who follow us in picots, you'll have to wait a few weeks, and we'll make some new albums of these when we get back to Antigua. We went to the museum of tolerance across from the Palacio. Mostly the museum focused on the holocaust, but there were displays of atrocities since tis this time. They showcased atrocities in Guatemala, Rwanda, Cambodia, Darfur, etc. The museum is donein film, graphic, and writing, and authenticatesmthe horrors, leaving the viewer eith a sense of senselessness of thismkindof abuse toward humanity. There are extensive educational programs, projects,a nd opportunities for community members to rise up and act well toward others. Amazing.

We started our long, long trek To Honduras Sunday afternoon, arrived in Guatemala City late, flopped down, rose very early, jumped in a van, and spent old people time napping and laying by the pool, where the almost full moon jas just risen above the tile covered roof of our hotel, where we sit, write, read, and are enjoying life on the road. Ruins of Copan tomorrow.

The adventure continues. Hope all is well for and yours. BTW, forgive the extra ms throughout,as I am typing on an iPad, so hit the m, n, or no space bar on occasion. Jt

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