Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011

Today we hit the half-way mark of our incredible journey to Guatemala.  We are still doing well and wanted to share with you some insights from some travelers we met who are exploring many parts of Mexico, central, and south America.  Attached below find their webpage of photographs, stories, and general adventure that they have been on for the past several years. We met Karen and Eric at the home of Tom's Spanish teacher, and we built an alfombra together for the Monday of SS week.  We had them over for dinner last night, along with the teacher, Evelyn, and enjoyed a long evening of stories and home cooking.  Many of their photographs are the same as ours, but done as a professional would, so enjoy.

Trans-Americas Journey

I am entering my last four weeks of research in the private school, and have sent out a letter of introduction to continue my study in public schools in July, when we return from Mexico and other parts of Guatemala.  Tom's teacher was kind enough to draft the letter on my behalf, and the husband of her hotel manager, who teaches at the school, agreed to carry it forward for me.  It is all about thre, or ten cups of tea. 

I was able to speak in Spanish with a teacher at Colegio Boston who I see every morning at 8, and we have a meeting set up for this coming week sometime to talk about how math was taught in Guatemala when she was a girl, the curriculum she followed before the new textbooks came out, and teaching in general.  She seemed to even understand what I was asking, which was a true bonus.  I chose her because she is the most patient with the children, so I can only hope she will show me this same patience.  I have a lot to gain from visiting with her, so here's hoping my present and past verbs work.

We have both been under the weather this week with head stuffiness and general yuckiness, but once the air clears, we should be ok soon.

Hope all is well for you and yours.


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